Do You Know Where Your Seafood Comes From?

Knowing where your food comes from — whether we’re talking delicious seafood or some fantastic Alberta beef — is important!

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What We Fish For


We take pride in providing the best service possible with an amazing lineup of fresh and frozen fish


We only source the best most sustainable seafood with a Canadian focus along with some International Seafoods


We want to tell you all about where our seafood comes from, how it was caught and how quickly we got it to your plate

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FROZEN Monthly Subscription

You are able to opt in and out each month. Delivered throughout most of Alberta.

Effing Fresh

Servicing the greater Edmonton area with Effing Fresh Seafoods and products from our local Effing Friends. Active Sunday to Wednesday 9am. After that it’s first come first serve for personal shopping at the Market on Riel

Effing Summer BBQ Package
FRESH-1lb- Steelhead Fillets – British Columbia
FROZEN – Effing Ultimate Bake for 2
FRESH – 12oz – 60/80 Bay Scallops
FRESH – 1lb – Halibut- British Columbia
FRESH – 1lb – 10/20 Scallops – Maine

Effing Seafoods On Global Edmonton

Rob Tryon from Effing Seafood is back in the Global Edmonton kitchen with his daughters. Easy as Eff cooking! August 26, 2023

Learn the Effing Way

Using the name “Effing” is fun. It draws attention wherever I go, but there is a story behind it, just like there is with everything Effing Seafoods brings in!


Jordan Reinbolt
Amazing store stocked full of a wide variety of high quality seafood. They have fresh and frozen options and a lot of delicious already prepared meal options. They were happy to offer advice on cooking the seafood we had purchased, which I found to be super helpful. Definitely worth a visit!
Peter Zukiwski
Rob is a passionate, well educated professional in his industry. The quality of product in his store is second to none in the province! Worth the trip from Edmonton and surrounding areas for sure! You won’t regret going to Effing Seafood and you’ll have a hard time buying seafood from anywhere else once you’ve experienced the quality and freshness here!
Ryan Wood
Only place to go for actual fresh fish. Love discovering new seafood to eat, quality is exceptional and of the highest standard. The staff are more than helpful and know there Effin’ seafood. Must go if your looking for REAL Effin’ fresh seafood. Never disappointed.

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