The Maple Leaf Pack

From: $69.99 / month

Our Maple Leaf Packs are Canadian fish focused. We offer 5 different types of fish within each pack, plus a little information about each fish we offer you, and some easy cooking tips to help you make the best meals possible. There are 3 different size options to choose from, each of the 5 types of fish will be packed in whichever size fits your needs best.


Singles-5-7oz portions ($69.99)

Couples-10-12oz ($105.99)

Family-20-22oz ($185.99)

Details: includes 5 types of fish 

Example: Rockfish, Dover Sole, Ling Cod, Char, Haddock, Pacific Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Cod, Pickerel, Halibut, 

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