Welcome To Effing Fundraising

Available across the majority of Alberta, our Effing Fundraising brings the EFFING LOVE right to your door step. Each package includes specifically selected types of our frozen fish. Choose the package that suits you below. Check out Delivery Zones (Fish Club) for availability of delivery.

We do all the work for you!! All you need to do is tell your friends and families. We will list your team name in the drop down on each product to ensure that your team is recognized. 

The team will receive:

$37 for each Couples package

$63 for each Family package

$42 for each Rob’s Package

$35 for each Effing Ultimate Bakes for 4 (PICKUP ONLY)

$20 for each Effing Ultimate Bake for 2 (PICKUP ONLY)

Feel free to purchase multiple months to support your favourite team! When you are choosing your package just increase the quantity and we will ship them in consecutive months.

Please contact Rob@effingseafoods.com for more information

Effing Seafoods Fundraising Packs

We offered two successful campaigns to Effing Rob’s daughters teams last spring

Volleyball – NAVC U14 Women – $3300 fundraised

Leduc Minor Softball – Leduc Jets U15B – $465 fundraised