Most frequent questions and answers

You bet your effing butt we do!!

Yes, but you will have to purchase them separately as we use a third party delivery service and we cannot guarantee that the frozen product will remain in that state upon arrival. If you purchase from The Fish Club it will arrive frozen.

Sorry, but in order to keep the cost down and the efficiency high, we developed a range of standard product offerings that our chefs told us should work great for people that are locked-in and want to do some seafood home cooking.  However, we’ve recently added an a la carte menu option so that if you are not happy with our pre-created packs, you can choose your own mix and match items. 

Night and day in our humble opinion. We take the care and attention to source our products based our service, quality and knowledge. What that means is that we source from our friends, who catch the best and we know that it’s the most sustainable possible.

Yes, we do but there are some limitations. We have to be able to manage our expectations with a small staff so we offer a pre-order option that parallels our Effing Fresh Delivery ordering from Sunday to Wednesday at 9am. 

You sure can but when we are helping customers we give them our full attention so we aren’t answering phone calls. Best bet is to email office@effingseafoods.com with your name, request and phone number and we can call you back. We prefer to receive orders through our website but we will always do our best to help you out. 

We source our seafood and other products from other small businesses that provide the quality and service that we expect. We look at sustainability, quality and our relationship when choosing products. We may not offer some products as these requirements may not be met. If we don’t have something that you are searching for we will do our best to find a great alternative.