Build Your Own Fish Club Subscription

$5.00 / month

Welcome to the “Build Your Own Seafood Club Subscription”
This recurring subscription will renew around the same time each month that you signed up. We will send a reminder email the week prior of the renewal of your order, to see if you want to make any changes or cancel renewal otherwise the subscription will renew according to the last order we received from you. Saturday at 12:00pm is the cutoff for deliveries going out the next week. If your order is placed after Saturday at 12pm the order may come the next following delivery date available. Deliveries are bi-weekly.
There is no minimum order but you will see a $5 fee for special packaging for shipment.

As always thank you for the #effinglove,

Effing Rob

Effing Seafood Bakes

includes; Lobster, Snow Crab, Mussels, Prawns, potatoes and corn.

Feeds 2 crabby people
Snow Crab clusters, mussels, prawns, potatoes, corn

Drift Food Truck

One of the OGs of Food Trucks in the area and they make good stuff


Red Salmon Caviar

Black Caviar – Sturgeon

Argentina Prawns

16/20 Prawns in a pound bag

Peeled and deveined – tailed

Easy Peel

Humpback Shrimp

Wild B.C Shrimp
(Frozen on the boat for Effing Fresh quailty)

1 pound packages

Side Stripe Prawns

Caught in BC – Sushi Grade – Roe in Shrimp – 1lb package

Spot Prawns

Caught in BC

Dungeness Crab

Cooked 1lb

Snow Crab

Snow Crab Cluster

1 pound packages – Cooked Clusters

Cooked Meat


Jonah Crab Claws

1 pound

Shucked Oysters

Medium Beach Oysters – Shucked

Frozen Steamed Mussels

1 pound – PEI



Nova Scotia


1-2 fillets Nova Scotia

Icelandic Char

Farmed in Iceland

Icelandic Cod

Caught Wild – Iceland


Wild – Ontario – Lake Erie (aka Walleye)

Dover Sole

Wild caught B.C


Caught Wild -BC

Ling Cod



Nova Scotia



Organic Farmed B.C. Sturgeon

Certified Organic – Sushi Grade
Land Based Farm
Sechelt BC

(1-2 fillets)



Sockeye Salmon


Sustainable Blue Salmon

Farmed Sustainable Atlantic Salmon – Sushi Grade

Steelhead Salmon

Farmed in BC Lois Lake

(1- 2 fillets)

Rainbow Trout

Nova Scotia

Ora King Salmon

New Zealand Salmon – Sushi Grade

Sushi Grade

Sushi Grade

Sushi Grade

Mahi Mahi


Yellowfin Tuna

Wild Caught in Philippines – Sushi Grade

Wood Smoked – Sushi Grade



Wild Caught

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia


Sushi Grade

10/20 – (between 10 and 20 in 1 pound)

Under 10 in 1 pound

60/80 (between 60-80 in 1 pound)

1 pound

Atlantic Lobster Tails

Canadian caught Atlantic Lobster Tails

Lobster Meat

CKL – Claw, Knuckle and Leg- 1 pound packages
TCK – Tail, Claw, Knuckle- 3/4 pound Packages

Claw, Knuckle, and Leg meat – 1 pound package – cooked meat

Claw and Knuckle

Effing Made Burgers + Cakes

2 X 5oz pack (Burgers) – 2 X 3oz pack (cakes) – Effing Made

Effing Made Dips

Effing Made at Effing Seafoods

Effing Made Take and Bake

Effing Made – Best Seller at the Market on Riel

New England

- +