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Effing Team Lead

October 3rd, 2023 Effing Seafoods is all about service, quality and knowledge of all things seafood. We have a retail store, online frozen delivery service

Effing Farmed Fish Standard

Effing Seafoods believes that there are some great FARMED fish options out there that are very sustainable and great Effing Choices. There are definitely some

Regal Salmon

Regal Salmon

Regal Salmon  (Yes!  Its Farmed) We at Effing Seafoods believe in selling only the highest quality, sustainable seafood, but we are aware of our responsibility

Whole Halibut Event

The Details on the Whole Halibut Event at Effing Seafoods Market                 October 2023 Here are some details:     Once fish arrives your order will be processed,

Effing Oysters

Start With Fresh, Raw Oysters for Shucking The main reason for shucking oysters is to eat them raw. You want very fresh, live, fabulous oysters

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We started our first round of deliveries of the #effinglove Fish Club. Watch Rob talk about how it works and what to expect. Read Full