The #effinglove Fish Club 2.0

The #effinglove Fish Club 2.0


Effing Seafoods is excited to announce the new and improved #effinglove Fish Club 2.0 coming in March 2020!! Please watch for our email in the next couple weeks with a full update.

It will be available throughout most of Alberta and we’ve heard your suggestions. There’s new boxes, area specific boxes and super value boxes. To ensure transport and all around quality we have decided to move to a totally frozen lineup to ensure best results for all our customers. We will be working with an established local delivery company for our deliveries and this will give you a weekly option for delivery.


The new #effinglove packs will include The OG, Maple Leaf, Kiwi, Effing Robs Choice, East Coast Lifestyle, Chris Sturdy (Fish Club OG Member and Pescatarian), Effing Chef, Fam Jam and I know what I want. They will include an information sheet full of all kinds of useless tidbits but also links to our website with many great recipes. We realize that we have to use a lot of packaging and we are always looking to cut back on that and we are reducing our paper consumption by holding our recipes online. We will include links to our website for recipes and simple ways to prepare the fish. We also encourage you to reuse the cooler bag or hold onto and send it back to us for your next shipment.


We feel like today’s fast paced life has gotten to the point of very little human interactions. We’ve always prided ourselves with the best quality and top notch customer service so we’d like to create your own special box. If you want help making these choices please visit our website to book your order.


If you’d like to build your own please contact us at 780-459-3713 or email