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Effing Lobster Rolls


“Effing Lobster Rolls”

What’s in your Effing Lobster Roll Kit


2 freshly baked Hot Dog buns from Bon Ton Bakery

Cooked Lobster Meat

Chips from Drift Food Truck


Dill Pickle


Garlic Butter


Rob is the founder & owner of Effing Seafoods. Rob’s dad was a fisherman and he grew up around seafood in the Effingham Inlet on Vancouver Island. He came to Alberta for the oil field work, but quickly fell in love with the province even though he was still drawn to the ocean. That’s when Rob decided to start Effing Seafoods – a company that would supply Albertans with fresh seafood that came from known and reliable sources. Rob’s passion and enthusiasm for his craft was contagious and soon the company grew![

  1. Dice one celery stock and dill pickle. Add to mixing bowl with mayo and lobster meat and juice from 1/2 lemon. Stir
  2. Cut outside edges of bun and spread garlic butter. Centre cut bun for lobster mix loading.
  3. Heat frying pan to toast edges of buns with garlic butter. Think grilled cheese sandwich.
  4. Take golden brown bun and load with lobster mixture and enjoy with a squirt of lemon juice on top. Plate and add side of Drift crisps.
  5. Enjoy your simple Nova Scotia Style Effing Lobster Roll

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