Filleting Knives

Author – Shawn Hartwell (Seafood Specialist at Effing Seafoods)

What Is The Best Size For a Fish Fillet Knife?🔪 At Effing we have lots of knives for the different jobs we tackle here at the shop.
What size fish fillet knife is best? Kitchen knives come in different sizes their own unique characteristics that cater to their purpose. Often confused with boning knives and carving knives because of their similarities are fish fillet knives. They are all sleek knives that specialize in severing meat from bones or skin. In this case, fillet knives are commonly used for filleting fish.
4-6″ for small fish fillets such as  perch, bass etc
6-8″ for medium fish such as trout, walleye etc
10+” for large fish such as salmon, tunas, sablefish etc
(My favourite fillet knife!)
What to look for in a good fillet knife 🔪
* Flexible – A good fish fillet knife must be flexible enough to jockey along the spine and bones.
* Thin Blade – It also needs a thin yet durable blade. It must be thin enough to precisely cut through the skin and meat of the fish without damaging the meat. A thinner blade also makes it more flexible and easier to maneuver. But it must be durable enough to not bend or break when going through some hard bones or skin.
* Lightweight – The fish fillet knife must be lightweight to make it maneuverable through the contour of the fish. This also helps when you’re working with a large pile of fish. A heavy knife will use more effort and make you tired faster.
* Right Bevel – The blade has to have at least a 12 to 15-degree bevel. This is for it to be able to handle delicate fish like salmon or tuna.


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