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Frozen Cooked Lobster- 1.5lbs


1.5lbs Steamed Whole Lobster. Offered frozen.

Effing Made Burgers + Cakes

2 X 5oz pack (Burgers) – 2 X 3oz pack (cakes) – Effing Made

Effing Made Dips

Effing Made at Effing Seafoods

Effing Made Take and Bake

Effing Made – Best Seller at the Market on Riel

Full size


Effing Made Soups

approx. 2 portions – 500ml – Effing Made

Atlantic Lobster Tails

Canadian caught Atlantic Lobster Tails

Lobster Meat

CKL – Claw, Knuckle and Leg- 1 pound packages
TCK – Tail, Claw, Knuckle- 3/4 pound Packages


Sushi Grade





Organic Farmed B.C. Sturgeon

Certified Organic – Sushi Grade
Land Based Farm
Sechelt BC

(1-2 fillets)

Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon

Farmed in BC Lois Lake

Ora King Salmon

New Zealand Salmon – Sushi Grade


Wild caught in Iceland

Nova Scotia


BC Rockfish

WILD – Caught by the Miss Tatum

Yellowfin Tuna

Wild Caught in Philippines – Sushi Grade

Ahi Tuna


Poor Man’s Lobster!

John Dory

Wild Caught in New Zealand


Wild Caught – Swordfish Steaks

Halibut Cheeks

Wild Caught Halibut – BC

Cod Cheeks

Wild Caught – BC

BC Humpback King Shrimp

Comparable to BC Spot Prawns
Sushi Grade

1 pound package

Argentina Prawns

16/20 Prawns in a pound

Dungeness Crab Clusters

Cooked Dungeness Cluster

Frozen Steamed Mussels

1 pound – PEI

Drift Food Truck

One of the OGs of Food Trucks in the area and they make good stuff

Includes Mercado’s Fettuccine, and Alfredo Sauce.
8oz – Scallops and 8oz- Argentina Shrimp

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