Effing Specialty Pack



The Effing Specialty Pack is not a subscription option


1 pounds BC Spot Prawn Tails

2 X 8oz Atlantic Lobster Tails

12 g Northern Divine Caviar

1 pound Scallops

1 Effing Crab Dip

1 Effing Smoked Char Dip

Effing Lobster Bisque

Effing Lobster Mac N Cheese

2 X 10oz AAA Alberta Beef Striploin Steaks

2 X 8oz Duck Breast


Add-ons and upgrades:

1 in stock

Snow Crab Legs

WILD BC King Shrimp Tails

Shell on – Frozen in Seawater

Upgrade Caviar

Northern Divine Caviar – This is an upgrade to remove the 12g and add bigger tin



2 left

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