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Frozen Case Lot


Buy in Bulk and Save!


Ling Cod fillets

16oz portions

Steelhead Fillet Case

Lois Lake Steelhead – Random Size fillets
Total Savings of $60.00 per 10 pound Case – $60 per 15 pound Case

Rockfish Case

BC Rockfish – Caught by The Miss Tatum (Rob’s Dad Boat)
30% Savings

BC Sturgeon Steak Cases

Sushi Grade – Organic Farmed Sturgeon
British Columbia – Random size fillets

Sockeye Salmon Portions

6oz portions

Snow Crab Clusters

Wild -Snow Crab legs

Icelandic Cod Cheeks Cases

Iceland – Wild
10-12oz packages

Haddock Fillet Case

Nova Scotia- Wild
Random size Fillets

Cooked Lobster Case

1-1.5 pound Lobsters


Wild – Nova Scotia
16oz packages

Argentina Prawns

Wild – 16/20 in a pound

Yellowfin Tuna Cases

Sushi Grade – 10-12oz Steaks

Effing Made Burgers

Effing Made with the Best Effing Products
2x Burgers each pack

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