Effing Fresh Subscription – VIP

$124.09 every 2 weeks

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Effing Fresh Subscription Service


We have created the Effing Fresh Subscription (Curated by Effing Rob) for you. The first 15 (VIPs) to sign up will be locked in at 20% off for the first 6 months. Then (Not Too Late) 15 more spots will open up at 15% off for 6 months and finally the regular (Missed the Boat) subscription will be 10% off. We will offer these curated packages to “try” at our regular price of $145.99. The VIP subscription would then be $116.79 every TWO WEEKS and a savings of almost $400 over the 6 months. If all goes well we may even extend that 6 months further.

The subscription will be very flexible on skipping a week or bumping to the next week. If a VIP cancels we will keep the pyramid stable by moving up the next “supportive” subscription. The subscription will renew every 2 weeks and will include a variety of Effing Fresh and Market on Riel options

Oyster Lovers Kit

24 Oysters (6 X 4 varieties – 2 East and 2 West), Mignonette, Lemon Wedges

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On a weekly basis, Effing Rob will curate a special package just for you based on the options available just like our Fish Club. You will receive an email 5-7 days prior to the Friday Delivery (or PICKUP at The Market on Riel) to see what the package will look like, why we chose those products and where they came from. It will also link to recipes and cooking instructions for each item. This is your chance to push, opt out (AKA jump overboard) or reel in the big one! See what I did there?

Each Effing Package will include the following for 2 people (4-6 meals):

  • 1  Effing Meal Kit (Lobster Rolls, Fish Tacos, Poke, Fish N Chips, Woodshed Burgers) – Full meal with all ingredients (and instructions) for you to prepare
  • 1 Fresh Fish Option (Fresh fish is hard because of mother nature, airplanes, seasons and usually something else so we never really know anything for sure. This is will flexible but always the best) – Recipe included!
  • 1-3 Effing Made Options (Crabby Cakes, Lobster Mac, Lobster Bisque, Clam Chowder, Seafood Lasagna or any of the wonderful options that we create)
  • 0-1 Shellfish Options (PEI Mussels, Salt Spring Island Mussels or BC Manila Clams) Don’t worry we will tell you how to handle and cook these. Try something new! Oysters not likely but can be added on as an extra. We might even have the Effing Lobster Bisque in the package to use as the broth for Mussels.
  •  1-3 Effing Friends Options (Alberta BBQ Collective, AAA Alberta Steaks (Surf and Turf), Meuwleys, Lakeside Farmstead, Drift Food Truck, Wild Game Consultants, Vancouver Island Sea Salt

 Are you a Pescatarian? We got you covered….. Let us know in the notes and we will curate a special version just for you because we love fish and we love you!!

A couple example packages will be:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Fish Taco Kit – Rockfish Fish N Chip Kit – Haddock Poke Kit – Tuna or Salmon
Icy Waters Charr Halibut Fillets Dover Sole Fillets
Lobster Bisque New England Chowdah PEI Mussels
AB BBQ Collective Brisket AB BBQ Collective Ribs Lakeside Farmstead Chaga Cheddar
Aji Sauce (Drift) Meuwley’s Miso Mustard Lakeside Farmstead Cheddar
PEI Mussels Salt Spring Mussels Meuwley’s Salami X 2
VI Sea Salt Effing Dip Crab Corn Fritters
Crabby Cakes X 2 Crabby Cakes X 2