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Mediterranean Tuna Burger


Effing Made here by our house Chef, created by our Seafood Ninja.

These Greek seasoned Tuna Burg’s will keep you coming back for more.

Effing Made Burgers + Cakes

2 X 5oz pack (Burgers) – 2 X 3oz pack (cakes) – Effing Made

Effing Made Take and Bake

Effing Made – Best Seller at the Market on Riel

Effing Made Soups

approx. 2 portions – 500ml – Effing Made

Effing Dips

Effing Made

Atlantic Lobster Tails

5oz average

Whole Cooked Lobster

1lb- 1.5lb each – Atlantic Lobster

Lobster Meat

1 pound packages
CKL – Claw, Knuckle and Leg
TCK – Tail, Claw, Knuckle


10/20 count

2lb Scallops- Regular price $79.99 on for $69.98

Organic Farmed B.C. Sturgeon

Certified Organic
Land Based Farm
Sechelt BC

Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon

Farmed in BC Lois Lake

BC Halibut Fillets

Hook and Line Caught – BC

Icelandic Charr Fillets

Farmed in Iceland AKA Arctic Charr

Northern Divine Caviar

Certified Organic – Land Based Farm – Sechelt BC

Argentina Shrimp

1 pound bag ~ Shell on – Easy peel Shrimp

BC Ling Cod Portions

5-7oz – WILD – Caught by the Miss Tatum

BC Rockfish Portions

5-7oz – WILD – Caught by the Miss Tatum

NS Haddock Portions

NS Haddock 5-7oz – Skinless – Boneless

Sockeye Portions

5-7oz- Skinless-Boneless

Frozen Steamed Mussels

1 pound – PEI

Drift Food Truck

One of the OGs of Food Trucks in the area and they make good stuff

Irvings Berkshire Pork

Berkshire Pork grown in Round Hill, AB by the Irving Family

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