The Details on the Whole Halibut Event at Effing Seafoods Market.

July, 2021
Here are some details:
We are hoping for fish early next week. July 12-15th, 2021
Fish between 10 and 20 pounds and fish between 20 and 40 pounds. Best savings and recovery on large fish so if that is too much maybe find a friend to share it with.
We will pack the fish to your parameters:
Fresh or Frozen or mixed
Steaks (whole or partial)
Fillets (Skin on or off)
     -Vac Packed
     -singles (5-7oz), Couples (10-12oz) or family (20-22oz)
Bones for stock
Collars (vac packed)
Unfortunately, they come without head so we cannot offer any cheeks.
All labelled and Vac Packed and frozen if you’d like.

Please note: We are selling whole fish for this event between 10 and 20 pounds. If you want to split a fish please find a friend to do so.
Price for this package will be $18.99/pound and if the average fish is 15 pounds (we will weigh them once they arrive) then the total cost will be $18.99 X 15 pounds (or whatever your fish weighs) = $284.85.
We have done this in the past with huge success and lots of positive feedback.
Pickup will be determined when they arrive at Effing Seafoods Market on Riel.
To pay your deposit for the Whole Halibut please visit:
To fill out the cutting parameter form visit:
Thank you and see you soon,