"Wholesaler of high-quality Canadian seafood to Edmonton's finest restaurants.
Bringing the best fish to YEG's best restaurants."
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Wholesaler Supplying Quality Seafood to YEG

Seafood Wholesaler Extraordinaire

Effing Seafoods supplies the highest quality seafood to some of Edmonton's finest restaurants and food establishments. Strong focus on Wild, Sustainable and Canadian Products. If you are eating some delicious seafood while dining at one of YEG's amazing establishments, it is quite likely that is was sourced by Effing Seafoods.

We only source seafood caught in the pristine waters of the Canadian coasts, stretching from the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the temperate coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. You can be sure that if you are eating Effing Seafood, that it came from Canada and we know exactly where it came from.

Do you own a restaurant in Edmonton? Or are you one of YEG's amazing cooks or chefs? If yes, and you would like to know more about our Canadian seafood products and know where your seafood comes from, then please get in touch by clicking here.

Effing Seafoods routinely has the following fine seafood in-stock or can order and have the same week:

  • Nanoose Bay Oysters
  • Salt Spring Island Oysters
  • Double O Oysters
  • Steamy Manila Clams
  • Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar
  • BC Spot Prawns
  • Albacore Tuna Loins
  • Wild Salmon
  • Pacific Ling Cod
  • BC Halibut
  • Sablefish
  • Octopus
  • Plus at least 50 others

Due to seafood being a very seasonal delicacy, our in-stock supply can fluctuate with the seasons and our inventory is constantly evolving.