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Many wonder what "Effing" is all about, and if I'm just being cheeky. In fact, there is a story behind it. Read on to see where it all began, both with me and with the name...

I've been surrounded by the ocean and seafood since birth. I grew up in a Commercial Fishing family on the coast of British Columbia and we're positive salt water runs through my veins.

What's the deal with Effing you ask?

Using the name "Effing" is fun. It draws attention wherever I go, but there is a story behind it, just like there is with everything Effing Seafoods brings in!

When I was shellfish farming, I was looking for a way to brand my oysters. They were grown in a small inlet called Effingham Inlet, Barkley Sound, just off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Because of this, I dubbed them "Effing Oysters". It immediately began to draw attention from chefs, seafood buyers, foodies and the general public. I not only saw an impressive increase in sales, I also started being approached by many for online interviews and promotional videos. To this day, after being out of the industry for more then two years, I still get recognized as the Effing Oyster guy, and I'm carving out that same name in the Edmonton area too!

Effing Rob Tryon - Head Seafood Dude

Effing Rob Tryon Head Seafood Dude, Effing Seafoods

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We only source seafood caught from the pristine Canadian water, from coast-to-coast, we know exactly where each and every piece of seafood that we provide comes from. Do you know where your seafood comes from?


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